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Public Sector

A trusted security partner in complex environments.

We look after a wide range of high profile and often vulnerable sites in the complex and sensitive public sector environments.


Our dedicated and multi-skilled national management team are experienced in providing highly trained, fully vetted and appropriately experienced security staff to public sector clients.


We are a trusted security partner for local authorities and councils, hospitals and other healthcare settings, schools and universities, effectively addressing a wide range of security needs and expectations.


We know that security requirements and risks in the public sector are diverse.  We will provide suitably skilled and experienced staff to each environment.  Friendly, approachable, capable and professional security that your staff will grow to trust and rely on.  Security personnel with the experience and confidence to diffuse threats and conflict and deal with any disruption.


Round the clock security solutions ensure public safety and protection is delivered in the most professional manner.


We can provide a wide variety of security and public safety solutions to help you to achieve your goals, including the deployment of city ambassadors, static guards, access control personnel, mobile patrol personnel and response vehicles to secure and protect the public, your environment and your staff.


Our exemplary compliance and training processes, coupled with excellent communication from our experienced local management teams, will give you peace of mind that your security needs are in safe hands.