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Retail Guarding

Not just a security presence - a security solution.

A powerful national footprint. An unparalleled staff base. A can-do culture.


We are committed to ensuring that your retail operation is supported by the highest calibre of security personnel, offering vital reassurance to your staff and customers that safety and security is being truly valued and prioritised.


We understand the evolving demands of security within the retail sector and take pride in our adaptive approach to protecting your profits and your people.  Our confident, experienced, highly trained and customer-focussed security personnel can add real value to your operation.


Our committed and passionate nationwide management team take pride in demonstrating that quality and consistency can be achieved, and that our security services can be readily adapted to support the fast-moving demands of your retail operations.


Delivering an enhanced security service with a cost neutral target.


We understand that security risks vary greatly in retail, and new security challenges can appear frequently.  Let us help you navigate your diverse security risks and use our expertise and adaptivity to provide you with forward thinking, tailored and targeted security solutions across your retail estate.