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Exceptional customer service is our highest priority.

First impressions count.  


With many established hotel brands as longstanding and valued clients, we understand the unique security needs of hotel groups.


We are committed to only supplying hotel security personnel who can deliver the highest customer service standards.  Our staff are friendly, welcoming and proactive, with excellent communication skills.


We’re passionate about getting the image of our security personnel just right for each client, and will ensure that your hotel security team are immaculately presented, providing bespoke uniform where required.


Peace of mind for your guests and staff.


Round the clock security staffing will ensure that all access points are monitored, and any suspicious activity is spotted quickly.  Our highly trained personnel will be able to confidently handle any unwanted situations.


From car park patrols to the protection of your guests belongings, our security guards will provide an excellent deterrent to crime, ensuring that your guests and staff feel protected and safe.