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Oustanding customer service, strong teams and exemplary compliance.

Valued peace of mind for your customers, staff and management.


With vast experience in looking after some of the UK’s largest nightclubs over the past 15 years, we know our clients’ priorities can be varied – and all are equally valued.


We know we can add value to the customer journey. We are committed to tailoring the right security team to complement your nightclub and to enhance your customer experience.


While customer service is a priority for every night-time operator, our clients also trust us to ensure that licensing teams and local authorities are highly satisfied with our exemplary compliance systems and our strong communication.  Training programmes and induction paperwork will be tailored to the specific needs and operational challenges of your venue.


Customer demographics are always fully considered.  We will build the right teams and implement the appropriate policies and processes according to the unique requirements of every venue.

When security needs stepping up, let us use our expertise to assist.


We can implement the use of body worn cameras, knife arches and ID scanners where appropriate and where required, having extensive experience in the successful operation of these additional security systems.


As well as ensuring that the basics are done exceptionally, we can provide specially trained and experienced personnel to offer a range of complementary services including search teams, undercover teams, spotters, welfare teams, CCTV/control room operators, and pit crews.