Transforming Futures: Youth Empowerment in the Security Industry

June 19, 2024

We believe it is now more important than ever to create opportunities for young people and the security industry can provide an incredibly diverse career path with plenty of opportunities to specialise in specific areas. We believe that it is vital to better promote the industry amongst budding young professionals trying to get their first step on the ladder.

The security industry offers a broad range of career opportunities with clear paths for progression. By acquiring relevant education, gaining experience, obtaining certifications, and continuously developing your skills, you can advance from entry-level roles to leadership positions, contributing to the safety and security of organisations and society as a whole.

We understand that the security industry needs investment of time and resource to make it a more appealing place for younger generations, as if we don’t our future supply of officers will simply dry up. Future generations need to be encouraged and more importantly inspired to choose such a rewarding and vibrant career.

We have worked with the EY Foundation on their Secure Futures Programme for the last 3 years now.

Secure Futures’ is a 9-month employability programme, which is completed by thirty 16-18-year-olds from low-income backgrounds that are considering a career within the security industry. Designed to make the security industry more attractive and accessible for young people, the partnership helps ensure that the industry is better equipped to tackle the ever-evolving security challenges faced across society.

A collaborative approach to a Security sector challenge

The Secure Futures programme supports employers to shape a diverse and skilled future workforce, make progress towards their ESG and DEI objectives, and demonstrate commitment to positive social impact.

With the support of their employer partners, since 2021 they have enabled almost 100 young people to gain Security focused employability skills, work experience and a mentorship through the Secure Futures programme.

Programme insights and key outcomes

With the support of 3 organisations and over 20 volunteers, the EY Foundation welcomed 11 young people on to the Secure Futures programme during the Easter break.

The young people were given the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the Security sector, alongside developing core employability skills, such as leadership, presenting and networking.

All young people recorded a positive experience on the programme and in terms of their own skills development. Prior to the programme, employers expressed concern that young people lacked awareness of the careers in Security. After completing the programme, 100% of young people agreed or strongly agreed that they now know what skills are needed to get a job in Security, with all showing a high interest in working in the field (100%).

100% of young people rated their skills development and business experience a 7 or above out of 10 following the programme, and employers reported an increase in confidence around understanding the needs of young people entering the labour market, and recognition of the value they can bring to businesses.